World Cup 2018

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The most popular storyline going into the tournament is whether or not Lionel Messi can *finally* lead Argentina to a major title. The storyline we’ll likely be left with is how Messi’s teammates let him down *again*. Explore stories about La Albiceleste

Low expectations for success, high expectations for a Tim Cahill wonder goal. Explore stories about The Socceroos

World class talent and all, they’ll prob crash out in the Quarterfinals. Explore stories about The Red Devils

They’re *strong* favorites to win it all. And they’ll likely kill the Instagram Game. Explore stories about The Seleção

They’re every hipsters pick to win the tournament. But let’s be real, that’s not going to happen. Fingers crossed James scores a few more worldies before the Colombians hop on their flight back home. Explore stories about Los Cafeteros

They’re arguably CONCACAF’s best team. Whether or not that’ll mean anything in Russia, we’ll soon find out. Explore stories about Los Ticos

The Croats have two world class midfielders in Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic. Hell, Modric is probably the best central midfielder on earth. Nevertheless, Croatia are nowhere near favorites to lift the trophy, *but* Modric is the favorite to have his tournament highlights uploaded to YouTube with classical music as the soundtrack. Explore stories about Croatia

Let’s all take a moment of silence for Nicklas Bendtner…

*wipe away the tears*
*look off into the distance*
*imagine all the Bendtner memes we’ll never get to see*

Explore stories about Denmark

*looks to the right*
*looks to the left*
*begins whispering* 

“England might actually be good.”

Explore stories about The Three Lions

Franchement, France have the most talented squad on earth. Mais, ils sont la France, donc, there are two possibilities: they win the tournament or they finish last in their group.

Explore stories about Les Bleus

Bet your house on a Semi-Final appearance. Explore stories about Die Mannschaft 

Lighting doesn’t strike twice, but Vikings seem like the type of people who could conjure some up on their own, so…*maybe* we’ll get the Cinderella tale we’re all hoping for. Explore stories about Iceland

I’m going to be honest: I don’t know much about the Iran National Team, but I do know that the United States shouldn’t abandon the Iran Nuclear Deal. Explore stories about Iran

They’ll probably be the first Asian team to lift the cup. But it’s not happening this year. Explore stories about Japan

I really hope Mexico wins the World Cup so Trump has to congratulate them on Twitter. Explore stories about El Tri

Take this to the bank: Morocco are the true dark horses of this World Cup. Explore stories about Morocco

*screams for the millionth time*

But have you seen their kits, though? Explore stories about The Super Eagles

They’ll probably leave Russia without a point to their name, but shout out to Panama for making their first World Cup appearance. Explore stories about Los Canaleros

When Paolo Guerrero’s suspension was rescinded, it was like Peru picked up three imaginary points. Let’s see if they can ride this good-vibe-wave to the knockout rounds. Explore stories about La Blanquirroja

What are the odds Robert Lewandowski scores five goals in Poland’s first nine minutes of group play? Explore stories about Poland

France has the Eiffel Tower, Egypt has the Pyramids, Brazil has Christ the Redeemer and Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo. Explore stories about Portu..*er*..Cristiano Ronaldo

Fun fact: Russia is the lowest ranked team at the World Cup. Explore stories about Russia

I’m going to be honest (Part 2): I don’t know much about the Saudi Arabian National Team, but I do know that women’s rights are cool. Why can’t Saudi Arabia be cool? Explore stories about Saudi Arabia 

You should be v v v excited to see Sadio Mané play at the World Cup. Dude’s a firecracker. Explore stories about Senegal

Serbia have a low-key strong team. They were only beaten once during qualifying. Explore stories about Serbia

I don’t know how betting works–and this is very specific–but take the odds on Son Heung-min dribbling at an opposing left back, using a step-over to move the ball to his left foot and scoring at the keeper’s near post. Explore stories about South Korea

Are you still not over the fact that Spain fired their coach one day (!!!) before the tournament started? ‘Cause I’m not. Explores stories about La Roja

Let’s keep expectations low and just hope for a Xherdan Shaqiri scissor kick. Explore stories about Switzerland 

I’m going to be honest (Part 3): I don’t know much about the Tunisian National Team, but I just Googled ’em and found out their nickname is “The Eagles of Carthage”. I also just Googled ‘Carthage’ and learned it was the capital of the ancient Carthaginian civilization.

*This concludes your Soccerlit history lesson*

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I’m sorry Uruguay, but you have Luis Suárez on your team and Luis Suárez deserves nothing but extreme sadness, so I hope your dreams dry like raisins in the baking sun *Chance The Rapper voice*

Explore stories about Uruguay