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Marcus Rashford harnessed his inner CR7 against Liverpool

Marcus Rashford harnessed his inner CR7 against Liverpool

NOVEMBER 2007 — It’s the 87th minute and Manchester United are beating Dynamo Kiev 3–0, well on their way to qualifying for the Champions League knockout stage.

Patrice Evra has the ball on the left wing and plays a witty pass between Dynamo’s left winger and left back. The ball is weighted perfectly for Ronaldo to meet at top speed — which he does.

Ronaldo uses his first touch to chop the ball across his body, moving it from his left foot to his right. He takes one more small touch to set up his shot, which he punches past the keeper.

The goal is classic Ronaldo. A mix of speed, skill and power.

Marcus Rashford took Old Trafford back in time on Saturday when he scored the first of his two goals in a 2–1 win versus Liverpool.

It all started so innocently. Mo Salah had just taken a corner that rolled out of bounds without a single player touching the ball, leaving David de Gea with a goal kick.

De Gea took his time squaring up to take the kick, allowing his teammates to make their way upfield.

When the keeper finally did strike the ball, he struck it hard — and long. It eventually reached the head of a leaping Romelu Lukaku, who held Dejan Lovren at bay long enough to flick the ball into the path of Rashford.

When the ball skimmed off Lukaku’s head, Rashford was jogging to keep himself onside. But as soon as he realized Lukaku’s flick was his to win, he accelerated.

Rashford beat Trent Alexander-Arnold to the ball and took his first touch with his head and used his second to drag the ball into the penalty area with his left foot.

It was his third touch that brought Old Trafford back in time.

Harnessing his inner Ronaldo, Rashford chopped the ball from his left foot to his right and smashed it into the corner of the net.

It was a near carbon copy of Ronaldo’s goal from that night in November 2007.

Rashford is still only 20-years-old and the lofty expectations that have been placed upon his shoulders will only continue to grow. But it was cool seeing him replicate a famous goal scored by one of his club’s legends. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come…

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