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Top 10 kits of the upcoming season

Top 10 kits of the upcoming season

Top 10 Kits of the 2019/20 European soccer season

We’ve reached the time of year when clubs across Europe reveal their new kits for the upcoming season. Let’s rank the best released thus far.

Dishonorable Mentions

Juventus home kit 2019/20It isn’t clear who was responsible for this kit, but if anyone has any information on the suspect, please contact the authorities. The club famous for its classic black and white stripes has traded in its trademark pattern for what seems to be a black and white cookie in shirt form. To make matters worse, the kit is divided down the middle by a totally out of place reddish-pink line. It makes no sense why they went in this direction. I cannot wait until the 2019/20 season is over so I never have to see these kits again.

Barcelona home kit 2019/20
This kit isn’t terrible, it’s just the fact that it’s a clear rip-off of the Croatia national team’s jerseys. And if you’re going to remix something it has to be better than the original. Remember when Nicki Minaj remixed “Thotiana?” Me neither. These new Barca kits are a Nicki Minaj remix. I already forgot about them.

Liverpool home kit 2019/20
You have eyes. I can’t be bothered to waste my time with this. I’ll give you one word: basic.

Top 10

Chelsea home kit 2019/20Chelsea went experimental with this year’s kit and it paid off. Inspired by the architecture of Stamford Bridge, the shirt looks like its covered in tattoos. They managed to spice things up without straying too far into the abstract. For that, they are applauded.

Manchester United away kit 2019/20Animal print makes anything look swaggy. Snake skinned boots? Heat. Zebra print rug? Luxurious. Cheetah print button down? Immaculate. It’s a shame the Chevy Logo is keeping this shirt from cracking the top-3.

Leicester City away kit 2019/20I’m a big fan of pink. Add it to any outfit and it draws attention. I’ve never seen a bad pink kit and Leicester is keeping the streak alive with thus number. 

Real Madrid away kit 2019/20
Not sure if it’s smoke or water but the pattern on Real Madrid’s away kit is brilliant. Also, it’s a subtle detail, but the black stripes on the shoulder are *kisses fingers* perfect.

Arsenal home kit 2019/20
Adidas started their first year back with Arsenal by going with a classic look, and they’ve outdone themselves. I love it. Arsenal are now favorites to become the best looking 5th place team in EPL history.

Barcelona away kit 2019/20
Inspired by the iconic jerseys worn in the 70s, Barca chose to go with this look to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of their youth academy, La Masia. The yellow gives the shirt a bold Catalan personality fans will love. Too bad they won’t be wearing this kit at the Nou Camp this season instead of the Croatian home strips mentioned earlier.

Manchester City third kit 2019/20
A lot of people seem to be down on this kit. They’re all wrong. I love borderline obnoxious kits that spark loud reactions, and this shirt is louder than Stephen A. Smith when he finds out a football player tests positive for marijuana. Catch one of these in my closet this year.

PSG third kit 2019/20
This kit is still only a rumor, but the old school Nike logo gives off serious 90s vibes. And everyone loves a 90s kit.

Inter Milan away kit 2019/20
Everything about this kit looks like royalty. That mint along with the gold trim is stunning. These will, without a doubt, be the best looking shirts to grace Serie A pitches this upcoming season.

Manchester City away kit 2019/20
This shit is so steezy. The first thing Puma did right was go with all black for the primary color. It projects IDGAF vibes. And then to contrast the black with a somehow subtle bright pink, yellow, and baby blue? It gives the shirt serious personality. And lastly, that yellow caution pattern or whatever you call it on the right shoulder belongs on a runway in Paris for Virgil Abloh’s Fall ’19 line. I’m not a Man City fan, but this is the second City shirt I’ll be purchasing this year for flexing purposes.

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