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Soccerlit Archives: Culture
Stories that go beyond the pitch


soccerlit May 28, 2017 0

Media microscope: Ex-athletes navigate a tricky transition to become TV analysts

Former players rely on the same skills for their TV careers that made them successful on the field.

A different ball game: Bangkok’s crooked football pitches

The asymmetrical pitches built in a densely-populated district of the Thai capital are sights to behold. ... read more

Barcelona’s Andrés Iniesta: ‘I was a victim of something that terrified me’

The Barcelona magician opens up about his past struggles with mental health. ... read more

No, diving isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to football

One writer makes the argument that dives are just another part of the beautiful game. ... read more

The boy who lived for football and died for hate

The story of a Belgian teenager who loved soccer before he left for Syria to join ISIS. ... read more

Meet the goalkeeper-turned-WWE star

Stuart Tomlinson has had one of the most interesting career paths in world soccer. ... read more

How YouTube changed football: The seismic shift of a global phenomenon

In only a decade, YouTube has turned supporters into experts, players into memes and tricksters into stars. ... read more