Soccerlit Archives: Culture
Soccerlit Archives: Culture
Stories that go beyond the pitch


Escaping Kakuma

SB Nation | 40-minute read ... read more

Soccer with Vikings

A first-hand look at Icelandic soccer culture through the eyes of an American. ... read more

When will a defender win the Ballon d’Or again?

Why is the Ballon d'Or always awarded to attack-minded players? ... read more

The Corinthian spirit — democracy, Dilma and Dr. Socrates

A group of Corinthians fans are using their beloved club as the foundation for a new political party. ... read more

The truth behind being a Russian ultra, with Spartak Moscow’s Fratria

A behind-the-scenes look into one of Russia's most passionate supporter's groups. ... read more

Black, Blanc, Beur: France’s struggles with footballing diversity

What is French society and soccer's role in combatting racism? ... read more