Soccerlit Archives: Fans
Soccerlit Archives: Fans
Stories about the people who give the game life


When the beautiful game turns ugly

A journey into the world of Italy's racist soccer thugs. ... read more

Mihir Bose: Clubs should treat fans not as customers but investors

Clubs need to start sharing wealth with the supporters they claim to value. ... read more

Why United fans should bin the new Lukaku chant

The Republik of Mancunia | 3-minute read ... read more

Avanti Ragazzi: Why Lazio fans chant about the Hungarian Revolution

An anti-left chant is all the rage at the Stadio Olimpico during Lazio matches. ... read more

The five ages of being a football fan

You start off innocent and awestruck, become rambunctious, then detached and analytical, before finally reclining into a place where you say whatever you want. ... read more

The bear of Highbury

Eight by Eight | 13-minute read ... read more

The truth behind being a Russian ultra, with Spartak Moscow’s Fratria

A behind-the-scenes look into one of Russia's most passionate supporter's groups. ... read more

Their Arsenal. Their Shares. For Now.

The New York Times | 11-minute read ... read more

‘Vamos, celeste!’ The Latin drum group uniting soccer fans in New York City

A glimpse into the the early stages of an ever-growing New York City soccer culture. ... read more