Soccerlit Archives: Fans
Soccerlit Archives: Fans
Stories about the people who give the game life


scottpattersonsoccerlit September 19, 2017 0

Why United fans should bin the new Lukaku chant

The Republik of Mancunia | 3-minute read

Golden Anniversary

The Blizzard | 1-hour read ... read more

Into the intimidating world of Argentine hooligans

A deep dive into the world of Argentine ultras. ... read more

The Corinthian spirit — democracy, Dilma and Dr. Socrates

A group of Corinthians fans are using their beloved club as the foundation for a new political party. ... read more

The truth behind being a Russian ultra, with Spartak Moscow’s Fratria

A behind-the-scenes look into one of Russia's most passionate supporter's groups. ... read more

Ultra culture could help Premier League terraces take positive steps

Suspicions over tribal warfare have prevented British clubs from embracing positive ultra culture. ... read more