Soccerlit Archives: Fans
Soccerlit Archives: Fans
Stories about the people who give the game life


soccerlit January 10, 2017 0

Fall of communism and its effect on Russian football

Russia's soccer culture is in need of remodeling.

How Trump presidency created quiet anti-fascist movement in America’s soccer stadiums

Political protest — or at least acknowledgement — is making its way into American terraces. ... read more

Why Minnesota’s united behind Minnesota United

Learn why Minnesota United fans are so passionate about their team name. ... read more

Talking to the bulldozer-hijacking soccer fans about their role in the Turkish Uprising

Meet Çarsi: a Besiktas supporters group made up of politically and socially conscious ultras. ... read more

The truth behind being a Russian ultra, with Spartak Moscow’s Fratria

A behind-the-scenes look into one of Russia's most passionate supporter's groups. ... read more

Meet the NYCFC pigeon, masked hero of the New York soccer community

The unofficial mascot of NYCFC has been integral to community development in the city. ... read more

Premier League must fight the tide of increasingly quiet crowds

Premier League crowds are mellowing for more reasons than one. ... read more

Ultra culture could help Premier League terraces take positive steps

Suspicions over tribal warfare have prevented British clubs from embracing positive ultra culture. ... read more

‘Vamos, celeste!’ The Latin drum group uniting soccer fans in New York City

A glimpse into the the early stages of an ever-growing New York City soccer culture. ... read more

When the beautiful game turns ugly

A journey into the world of Italy's racist soccer thugs. ... read more

Avanti Ragazzi: Why Lazio fans chant about the Hungarian Revolution

An anti-left chant is all the rage at the Stadio Olimpico during Lazio matches. ... read more