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The Garden of Eden
The Garden of Eden

We Aint Got No History | 11-minute read

Why the US could lose its 2026 World Cup bid to Morocco

Trump’s rhetoric might derail North America’s 2026 bid

How a small English soccer club helped me see beyond my poverty

What every poor kid from Detroit could learn from a trip to Dulwich Hamlet.

Juan Mata: A rare breed of footballer

Always the consummate gentleman, Juan Mata is a breath of fresh air amongst soccer’s vain superstars.

Bob Bradley: American coach who took the long road to the Premier League

Swansea’s new American gaffer will be subject to much scrutiny during his tenure in South Wales.

Santa Cruz FC, the Brazilian soccer team in the heart of Zika country, is fighting to avoid relegation

Located in Brazil’s poorest region, Santa Cruz FC is no stranger to difficult times.