What is Soccerlit?

Soccerlit was born in 2016 during that year’s European Championships in France. I1Hey, I’m Mitch. had just finished grad school and didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with my life.

The only firm idea I did have was a concept for a soccer website.

I attempted to create a website with original writing on more than one occasion, but wasn’t disciplined enough to publish consistently. Then, one day, the idea came to me: why not create a site that curatesĀ soccer stories?

Flash forward to today, and soccerlit.com has a library of over 1,000 soccer stories from all over the internet.

I have a million and one plans for Soccerlit going forward2I send way too many emails to myself with the subject line: IDEA, but going into 2020, I have 3 main original content goals: a weekly podcast, a weekly blog post and a weekly video.

I’m a one-person shop at the moment, but very much open to bringing on team members. If you’re interested, DM me on Twitter.3or email soccerlitonline@gmail.com

Happy reading!4…and listening! And viewing!

Mitch Petit-Frere